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Polyseal ~ How and When to Use?

Firstly, our 'Finishing Polyseal' is a safe, odourless, non-toxic alternative to chemical-based polyurethane. Your piece will be protected and sealed with a subtle satin or matt finish.

We recommend using 'Finishing Polyseal' over chalk and mineral painted surfaces to promote protection from scratching and staining, especially on pieces that endure a high level of traffic such as dining tables, end tables, and bookshelves.

The basics: 'Finishing Polyseal' is suitable for both interior and exterior use. It is fast-drying and may be used on both painted and wooden surfaces alike. Upon application, it appears milky, but will dry clear. Coverage is approximately 10-12 sqm/litre.

Getting creative: Our 'Finishing Polyseal' is not only a sealant, but can be utilized with your transfer, wallpaper, and decoupage projects. For best results, simply follow the steps below for each medium:


  1. Apply chalk or mineral paint (allow to dry)

  2. Apply 'Finishing Polyseal' (allow to dry)

  3. Apply transfer

  4. Apply a second coat of 'Finishing Polyseal' to "erase" transfer edges


  1. Apply 'Finishing Polyseal' (using as a "glue," DO NOT allow to dry)

  2. Apply wallpaper to wet polyseal

  3. Touch up edges with polyseal to ensure adhesion *Not recommended for use with thick/heavy wallpaper


  1. Apply decoupage paper

  2. Apply 'Finishing Polyseal' evenly and directly over paper

  3. Finishing Polyseal (using as a "glue," DO NOT allow to dry)

As always, please reach out with your REVAMP questions anytime. We are here to help!

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